Thursday, August 23, 2007

Turmeric with Coconut oil for skin care

Grind fresh turmeric. Mix this with little coconut oil. Apply this on body. Wash it off with green gram powder or besan after one hour. Doing this regularly is good for the skin to get fair complexion and make the skin free from various skin problems.It also helps to reduce the growth of excess body hair.


Pat Feldman said...

I really love your texts about coconut oil!!!! I use it a lot at home!!!

when is it going to have more news??

Seena said...

thanks for visiting!
am trying to get more information about it..

Anonymous said...

Wow, great article and blog. Lots of great information on everything from homemade henna hair treatments to coconut oil. Thank you for these great articles. Great insightful blog.

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B. Smithey

rv said...

I liked the Henna treatment :) Hey u know what, reading your blog, me and hubby are now coconut oil users:) Thank you:) We now get the store bought "SWAD" brand in Patel Brothers , its so nice to get the taste of our native oil:) I always like cooking with coconut oil and also applying on my hair , it just makes my hair so nice in texture:)

Seena said...

Hey anon,
I visited your site, got much information, thanks again..

Seena said...

thanks dear, you know, than Indians, people from other places visit and comment here..actually many people neglect coconut oil and they don't really know it's benefits.Thats why I started this blog..

rv said...

You are so right Seena. I myself have experienced our people teasing me when I say I use coconut oil. They just assume that kerala and coconut oil are made for each other, those people shud read the facts, infact I feel coconut oil is as good as olive oil. i like ur blog abt coconut oil, its worth letting people know abt it.

चन्द्रशेखरन नायर said...

Dear seena,
Thank you for posting a comment on my Malayalam blog. There are more than 2000 Malayalam bloggers and non of them have put a single comment on it. The spreading diseases for coconut trees in Kerala due to contamination of soil and water through the application of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides, fungicides, incectides etc. The fiber content in fresh coconut is much better for health and digestion.
Coconut and its produces are valuable one, but there is a need to maintain balance nutrients soil fertility. Especially magnesium is a need to maintain human health to avoid cardiovascular diseases, diabetics etc. Dolomite is a organic input of calcium and magnesium for soil which is not available now.
Due to my metric qualification I am not fluent in English.
Thank you

चन्द्रशेखरन नायर said...

Kindly visit this post on my blog.
Dr.C.R.Soman says

Seena said...

Chandrasekaran Nair,
Thanks for visiting here.
When I started blogging, I went through many food blogs and found out most of the Indian bloggers avoid coconut oil. And this blog gets comments mostly from Westerns, which you can see in skin and hair sections.

Rohini's kitchen said...

Wow nice blog. Lots of great information abt coconut oil.

deepanjali said...

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coconut oil for hair said...

It’s very great nutrition for the hair. I hear from many people about its efficiency.